JKZ Ventures Launches New How To Guide to Reduce Pharmacist's Dispensing Errors

Ten years of proven technique reduce or eliminate your dispensing errors.

Lake Grove, NY, May 04, 2006 --(PR.com)-- You went to pharmacy school for 5 years, many of you now for 6 years, but were never given a procedure to follow as to how to check a prescription before it winds up in the hands of one of your patients.  Is trial and error really how you want to learn this most important task?

JKZ Ventures, Inc has a new product just for you!  "How To Check Prescriptions With Accuracy And Ease In Less Than 1 Week" will deliver to you just what the title says.  The manual will provide you with a 7 step-by-step procudure to follow every time for checking any prescription.

JKZ Ventures, Inc is a company dedicated to delivering quality information to its clients, but here is the good news for you... The owner and founder of the company, Jason Zvokel, is a dedicated, proud community pharmacist.

The company has put together a manual that details one task and one task only, and that is the 7 step procedure for fully checking a prescription from the time it is typed, pulled, counted and labeled, up to the time it is sealed and ready to be delivered to the patient.

You, as a community pharmacist, are very well respected by your patients for just being a pharmacist.  It would be foolish to squander that respect by dispensing the wrong medication, or writing out the directions incorrectly, or by billing the wrong insurance plan, or by not placing the medication in an EZ open container....  The list goes on and "How To Check Prescriptions With Accuracy And Ease In Less Than 1 Week" will have you preventing these errors and more.

In addition to losing respect from your patients, there could also be legal ramifications or hefty fines for making some of these errors.  Your state board could revoke your license if they feel that the error was a matter of gross negligence.  With all of the other duties you must perform throughout the course of you shift, why wouldn't you want to make checking prescriptions (arguably the most important duty of your job) automatic?

There is only one way to obtain "How To Check Prescriptions With Accuracy And Ease In Less Than 1 Week".  You must call, toll free, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your FREE report.  That's right the report is free with no obligation... its just a phone call!  Call Jason at 1-866-507-4573 and he will personally send out your free report.

Don't wait any longer, call for your free report now.


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