Alonce Music Agency and Go Large Records Launch New Distribution Campaign for Ebony Stylez

Ebony Stylez, a hard hitting hip hop industry sensation out of New York City, signs new record deal with Go Large Records that was developed through Alonce Music Agency. Plans are to build Ebony Stylez fan base to reach his true potential and distribute his music to potential buyers through Go Large Records efforts.

New York, NY, August 10, 2008 --( Once again, Go Large Records International, LLC, is at it again and ready to start a national distribution campaign for their brand new artist Ebony Stylez. Every hip hop artist, that is truly serious about their career, dreams of achieving iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, and other internet distribution companies status and Go Large Records plans to take Ebony Stylez to the next level.

Ebony Stylez, a hard hitting hip hop industry sensation out of New York City, packs their shows with dancers and hype men to provide an unforgettable concert. After only being teamed up for two years, Ebony Stylez has already hit the industry so fast that fans have flocked to their MySpace page for group updates and to leave positive comments for further great music.

Their face man, Erick Emmanuel, shows that he never takes no for an answer and that it’s all about the image. After being approached by several labels with rewarding record deals, which most artists would beg for, Erick felt that he would lose control of the creative side of his music and had to decline their lucrative offers.

Go Large Records approached Ebony Stylez with a unique approach so that Erick could still remain in control of his music, but have the opportunity to be heard around the world.

“Ebony Stylez brings a lot of artistic talent to the table,” says Michael, a representative with Go Large Records. “We feel that Ebony Stylez will quickly be heard and their fan base will continue to grow with great success.”

After Go Large Records developed their elite partnership with Alonce Music Agency, they were determined to offer a distinctive twist to the normal duties of a genuine label and provide artists with distribution opportunities along with marketing assistance for successful campaigns.

Alonce Music Agency is a complete artist development agency that, with the help of Go Large Records and CA2NY Music Media, has had the ability to continue the development of successful campaigns. Some effective services include everything from radio campaigns to internet distribution and powerful publicity campaigns to long-standing band branding as well as booking.

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Jennifer Holderman