Mega Dollar Games Congratulates Online Poker Tournament Champions

Mega Dollar Games congratulates John Wilton of Iselin, N.J., and Shana Motta of Flushing, N.Y., the grand champions of Mega's most recent $5,000 online Texas hold'em tournament.

Tulsa, OK, August 11, 2008 --( Mega Dollar Games congratulates John Wilton of Iselin, N.J., and Shana Motta of Flushing, N.Y., as the top champions of the Mega July $5,000 Texas hold'em tournament.

Wilton won $3,000 and Motta won $1,000 in the online poker tournament. The third and fourth place winners took home $600 and $400 respectively. Each winner also received a custom engraved trophy. Approximately 700 players participated in the tournament.

Joel Villarreal of Auburn, Ga., the fourth place finisher and $400 winner, called and said, "Your site is very well done. I really enjoyed playing poker and some of your other cash games."

John Wilton, the Tournament Grand Champion, and his wife, Nancy, wrote, “Just got (your $3,000 check) in the mail today. Thanks so much! It's beautiful, and so is the trophy!”

In addition to the dozen Texas hold'em tournaments being played 24 hours a day at Mega, two new weekly games are being introduced now.

"Good judgment and skill play means winning players at Mega Dollar Games," said John Stephenson of Mega Dollar Games. "Entry fees begin at $2.50 for the dozen Texas hold'em tournaments being played now. The Top Hi-Roller prize is $1,400.00."

"Players enjoy that they don't have to wait to start playing in a tournament, large or small," Stephenson said. "We've got more than a dozen Texas hold'em tournaments are going on right now, and in each tournament players select the entry fees and prize amount they want to compete for. The two weekly tournaments we just added have $5 and $10 entry fees."

Mega Dollar Games also hosts round-the-clock tournaments in blackjack, spades, hearts, and trivia. Players can join any of them for a minimal fee and walk away with hundreds in cash winnings. Those who feel they are not ready to play for cash can enjoy free play options on the site.

Players can also use the online poker tournament play as a way to train for casino play. Champion Shana Motta has qualified to play in the World Poker Championship.

Players can enter online Texas hold'em Tournaments or play for free at poker, hearts, blackjack, spades and trivia. To learn more about Mega Dollar Games, visit

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The primary business of Mega Dollar Games, a subsidiary of Mega Internet Tournaments, L.L.C., is conducting games of skill on the Internet in which participants pay fees to play skill games with prize awards going to the best-scoring players.

Mega Dollar Games functions much like a country club conducting a golf tournament. It provides the location and play, conducts the tournaments, keeps the scores, and awards prizes to the winners. Mega Dollar Games features only games of skill. Its tournament play is legal in the U.S. under all federal laws. Important components of Mega's tournament system of play are protected under U.S. Patent and patents granted in foreign countries.

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