World Premiere of Companionship Art Movement

World premiere of a new art movement to be held at the Portland Art Museum.

Portland, OR, April 30, 2006 --( The world premiere of the brand new art movement known as Companionism was founded by David Scotland, who grew up in the Portland / Vancouver area, and is based on a new kind of energy-effect that is imbued into the art. 

The Artist’s proprietary process for creating this first of it’s kind art is being kept under very tight wraps until the event on the night of Thursday June 8, 2006 at the Portland Art Museum, when he will reveal the story behind the art, the ancient science behind the mystery of his artwork, why modern day scientists and doctors are both excited and baffled by its effects, and why top collectors in the art world are busy snatching up and collecting his art as fast as he creates it, and what the implications of his art may mean to modern politics, western medicine, the healing arts, the art world itself, and the larger global economy.

At the June 8th event the artist will create an original piece of art live in front of hundreds of guests.  Hollywood star Tucker Smallwood and Portland / Vancouver TV and theatre veteran Linda Greep will perform a live reading of David Scotland’s poetry accompanied by his energy music, during the presentation.  The finished piece of art will be placed in another museum collection, the name of which will be announced the night of the performance by one of David’s fellow performers, the art patron Sunny Chayes.

The Portland Art Museum was selected for this event because the artist wants to give back to the community he’s lived in for over 20 years. During that time he had attended University of Portland, graduated from George Fox University, and studied music with Portland’s top teachers Stan Trogan and Nellie Tholen.

The Artist is the son of Larry and Linda Greep – the latter who has performed in countless professional theatre productions in Portland for over the last 20 years, including creating Vancouver’s first kid’s TV show, “Kids on Cable,” and becoming Oregon Public Broadcasting’s pledge hostess of choice for OPB pledge drives.

The June 8, 2006 show at the Portland Art Museum is not without its string of firsts, or controversial dangers. For the first time in his life, the artist will be accompanied by his longtime energy mentor, Dr. Melissa Andersson, onstage for a post-performance “energy balancing” ritual that will have the artist demonstrating one of the effects the science behind the mystery of his art has, by attempting to break a steel-tipped arrow at his trachea…without puncturing the skin.

“My art speaks for real health for both the human energy system and external business ‘systems’ all of us must operate in every day. My art is about hope, healing, and the ethics of healthy electromagnetic energy – not the LEAST of which starts within our own minds and literally the human brain which has been PROVEN to be electrical because we can all get MRI scans to show this. I hope the people who need to wake up, will actually wake up,” Scotland said.

The artist’s passion continues with, “Because so many people need help, I’m on a mission. It’s why I’m doing all this. I want to help as many as I can whether that’s through supporting Habitat for Humanity, or exposing what needs to be fixed in today’s crisis of American schools and education, consumer debt, healthcare, and other areas. So many people are being “killed off” and murdered needlessly whether it’s through an educational, financial, spiritual, or literal death… and it’s done entirely by people’s own unwillingness to question what is going on IN THEMSELVES and then in the world."

WEBSITES for the David Scotland Event:

The entire performance is being filmed for feature films and a special documentary about the artist.

Artworks by the artist will be on display at the Albina Community Bank located in the heart of Portland, Oregon's Pearl District where works will be made available for purchase for a limited time only.  A portion of the proceeds from the Albina Bank showing shall be donated to Portland Habitat for Humanity.

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