Moose Pak LLC Expands MPCustoms to EBay

Westerville, OH, August 12, 2008 --( Moose Pak LLC ( is expanding its automotive accessories and products to eBay under the store name Moose Pak LLC. ( The eBay community will be able to access many sale items and products that they offer from lambo doors, neon lights, air intakes, to performance parts, and detailing kits.

Moose Pak LLC, is dedicated to helping automotive enthusiasts become more successful in their goals to create the driving machine that they want. Offering some of their products through the ebay site will help both Moose Pak and their customers reach this goal. "This will be an active marketplace, with something for every auto enthusiast," said Andrew Wilson of Moose Pak LLC, “EBay gives us a great outlet for higher dollar items or items that might not sell well in the winter months up north. EBay will let us reach a whole new level of customer base.”

While many retailers may not think of EBay as a selling option, EBay is a great way to unload inventory, beef up sales, and drive traffic into local stores.

Moose Pak LLC stands out from the rest of the aftermarket accessory companies by sourcing the highest quality products from the most reliable manufacturers and wholesalers. Their parts meet and exceed the automotive industry standards while keeping a strong competitive edge. Outstanding service is the key to Moose Pak LLC’s success by having high quality, great pricing, free shipping, and strong attention to the customer's needs and wants.

When looking for aftermarket car parts and accessories, trust Moose Pak LLC for reliability, low prices, customer service, and a safe online shopping experience.

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Moose Pak LLC is a privately held company
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Komaka Wilson has been in the automobile accessories and detailing arena for over 15 years.

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