Offers Lead Marketplace for Online Merchants offers new lead exchange community for online merchants.

New York, NY, August 12, 2008 --( In the $170 Billion eCommerce market,, offers a new twist on the idea of shared community resources. The unusual site offers online merchants an opportunity to exchange the names of buyers who have purchased similar products.

"eTailers spend thousands of dollars every month on Google AdWords and the comparison shopping engines," says Chief Marketing Officer, Michele Brown. "We help them get highly targeted leads without having to spend all that up-front cash. Our conversion rates are higher and their customers receive offers for products and services they actually want."

RetailBrain is the ‘brain child’ of a group of online merchants who sell on marketplaces like Ebay, Amazon and osCOmmerce. “The driving ideal and mission behind this initiative,” says Brown, “is to give the growing market of online merchants a trusted forum to swap leads.”

The cost to capture a new lead is roughly 5 to 10 times more expensive than selling to a customer who has purchased from a vendor previously. The customer lifecycle can be more easily managed and benefit both the buyer and seller. RetailBrain essentially expands the ability of the merchant to build customer loyalty by including a wider community of resources for consumers to select from.

The exchange system is based on the idea of a self-regulating community that monitors the quality of the members and contributed lists through a public rating system. The system will record the number of good exchanges as well as bad ones. To avoid slipping into the dangerous area of spam, limits on each merchant list contributions will be established up front.

There is a wide divide between the cost of lead acquisition and lead maintenance. “It’s a lot easier to keep existing customers happy than it is to guess what a new customer wants,” says Brown, “RetailBrain allows smaller merchants to keep their customers happier, and build stronger loyalty.” In the end online retailers will spend less money guessing in the dark about the best keywords, and instead openly share historical customer information so that everyone benefits.

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About – based in New York, NY, is a new online merchant community.
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