Tire Signal South


Tire Signal South

We are the manufacturer and distributor of TIRE SIGNAL.

Tire Signals take the guesswork out of checking the air pressure in your tires. The Tire Signal replaces your existing tire valve cap and remains in place. All you have to do to check your pressure is look to see what color it is! It's as easy as RED, YELLOW and GREEN!

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Tire Signal South

CONVENIENT and USER FRIENDLY As the pressure in your tires drop the colored cylinder inside the dome of the Tire Signal will slide to visually show you 3 color levels. When the color is all GREEN your pressure is at the proper level. When the cylinder shows YELLOW you should add some air soon. If the indicator is in the RED zone you should seek servicing immediately to reduce the risk of severe tire failure.

Installing the Tire Signal is easy! Just unscrew your existing tire valve stem caps and screw on the Tire Signal. That's all there is to it. You'll be ready to go in under 2 minutes.

SAFETY, being a primary concern of all vehicle owners, is the strongest argument for the use of the TIRE SIGNAL. According to every vehicle manufacturer owner's manual, tire pressure should be checked on a monthly basis and prior to any extended road trip. The NHTSA, the Transportation Department Agency responsible for vehicle safety, estimates that monitoring tire pressure could prevent over 10,000 injuries, and countless deaths each year. The TIRE SIGNAL is the answer to this safety concern!

MONEY SAVINGS - Tires that are under-inflated wear out more quickly and cause more drag on the road, thus reducing valuable fuel economy. The TIRE SIGNAL will save you money by giving you a simple way to ensure tire pressure. Properly inflated tires will give you better gas mileage, a smoother ride and will make your tires last longer