Voices.com is the industry leading website that connects businesses with professional voice talent. Radio and television stations, advertising agencies and Fortune 500 companies rely upon the Voices.com marketplace to search for, audition and hire voice talent with the assistance of our innovative SurePay™ escrow service and our award-winning Web application.

Clients that have worked with Voices.com include NBC, ESPN, PBS, The History Channel, Reader's Digest, Comcast, Nortel Networks, Bell Canada, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, ING, Western Union, Ford, GM, Jaguar, Firestone Tires, American Airlines, the US Army, the US Government and thousands more.
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Company History


March 2006: The Trend to Add Voices to Technology Creates a Huge Demand
February 2006: Rave Reviews Follow the PodcastingEbook
January 2006: A Web 2.0 Application for Finding and Hiring Voice-Overs
December 2005: Searchable Knowledge Base Launched
November 2005: Voice-Over Script Collection, 2nd Edition, Released
October 2005: 94% of Clients say InteractiveVoices is the #1 site for Hiring Voice Over Talents
September 2005: Podcasting eBook launched; Hurricane Support
August 2005: Podcasting campaign
July 2005: IV Podcast in iTunes; Launch of VoiceOverTimes
June 2005: Support team expands; Client iPod contest
May 2005: Digifest Award; Script Collection released
April 2005: Pay-as-you-go job posting announced
March 2005: Voice-Over eBook released
February 2005: Christian voice-overs promoted
January 2005: Web demos and online seminars available
December 2004: VoiceSuite software launched
November 2004: Video game voice-overs; Free talents now Guests
October 2004: Sales and support team expands
September 2004: Featured in Asia Image magazine; New Search Tool
August 2004: Voice Talent Directory; New voice talent account
July 2004: Featured Talent Categories added
June 2004: National advertising campaign begins
May 2004: New video hosting capabilities
April 2004: Official launch of service, Golden Web Award
March 2004: National advertising campaign begins
February 2004: Talent recruitment begins
December 2003: Web development and beta launch
November 2003: Website name registration and development