iSarla Inc

iSarla Inc

iEmployee offers a full suite of on-demand, 100% web-hosted workforce management solutions including Paid Time Off, Online Timesheet, Time & Attendance, HR/Benefit, Employee Self-Service, Pay Stubs/W2, and Expenses. Endorsed by leading payroll providers, iEmployee has over 1600 satisfied clients. With iEmployee solutions, clients realize benefits that increase the bottom line.

Smart Solution that eliminates paperwork and burdensome manual processes to reduce data entry & increase accuracy.

Productive Solution which redirects resources so you can focus on core business functions.

Low Risk, Low Cost Solution requiring no in-house IT investment and installation- resulting in low total ownership costs.

Single Application Solution that instantly updates data across all applications with seamless integration for real-time information.

Self-Service solutions that empower employees with information anytime, anywhere.

Single Login Solution with a common look and feel across all applications- reducing training time and costs.

Opt for one, a combination, or all solutions depending on your company’s needs and requirements.

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