Founded in 1995 as "Animators at Law," A2L Consulting is the nation's leading attorney owned and operated litigation consulting firm providing: jury consulting, litigation graphics, e-brief creation and trial technology/technicians. Our team is spread throughout the United States and works nationally.

A2L Consulting's clients include 100% of the nation's top law firms and hundreds of Fortune 1000s®. To date, A2L has consulted on more than 10,000 cases and helped generate favorable decisions worth cumulatively more than $3 trillion.

Our staff consists of attorneys, experts in trial presentation design, experienced trial technicians/hot seat operators, model builders and 2D & 3D animators. Most project leaders are either are attorneys or have worked at a major law firm. The design team at A2L specializes in the art of information design and trial graphics.

Not just another "new media" firm, A2L Consulting was founded by attorneys to serve the legal community in a way no other firm has in the past. By combining attorney management, traditional artists, psychologists and new media artists under one roof, we create an unmatched talent pool perfectly suited to major law firms and corporations.

We invite you to contact us about jury consulting, litigation graphics, ebrief creation and trial technology/trial technian support by emailing or by calling 800.337.7697 x121.

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