Moon Costumes

Moon Costumes

Moon Costumes is a leader in retail Halloween and theatrical costumes. In addition we have a line of exclusive Cosplay styles, as well as a custom costume making division.

For Halloween, Moon Costumes carries all of the makeup, accessories and props needed for a professional Haunted house, as well as low-cost styles for consumers.

Moon Costumes is also used by many theatrical and dance companies worldwide to develop and produce quality, professional costumes at a reasonable cost.

Our Cosplay division stocks hundreds of popular character designs, as well as custom wooden weapons and hand-styled wigs.

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Company History

Moon Costumes

CEO Erik Aronesty sold his prior company, ZoneEdit and launched Moon Costumes in 2006. The core product line at that time was Halloween costumes, accessories and props. The Cosplay division was added in 2007, with the addition of key staff for development and design of costumes. Many more mascot styles and professional-grade accessories have been added in 2007.