Concepts for Living

Concepts for Living

We are a professional referral and placement service for our Senior community. In searching for the best choice in independent or assisted living, be it large residential or small board and care, our Gentle Hands Team takes great pride in finding the “right match” for you.

At Concepts for Living, it is our mission to provide our clients and families with the easiest, least stressful access to knowledge and options, as living arrangements require change. Always, our personal guidance is the key.

We strive to provide the best possible solution for your unique housing needs. We are accessible to all we serve to place in a senior residence, as well as to our referral sources that entrust their patients, residents, family members to us. Our continual commitment includes follow-up and follow-through, open communication amongst all.

Our standards are the highest in the industry and are as simple as the Golden Rule. All who enlist our services will be treated with the utmost respect, dignity and as unique individuals, most special people. This is what the "gentle and compassionate hands" of Concepts for Living brings to you.

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