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It'$ My is has entered the service industry to provide Information Technology (IT) products and electronics to customers that exceeds expectations traditionally expected from other online stores. Unlike many internet stores, our telephone numbers are very visible for all to see and call. We love to hear from our valued customers and potential customers. Many clients have expressed their horror at not being to locate a number to call about a product they have purchased or to request a refund. this is especially true with the big name players. While our cusotmers have the option to send us an email, we believe the personal attention we provide is one of our core competencies. is a service business that happens to have electronics and ITproducts that are in high demand by the technocrats.

Customers never have to worry about shipping cost, as it free (ground). This is true for any item in stock. Regardless of cost. By delighting customers, we can rest assured that they will become repeat buyers. thus lowering our overall cost. In addition, word of mouth - the most costly ad (if we had to pay for it) is what we survive on.

We stock over 300,000 new products. While our website does not brag of marked up discounts or hype sales, we offer discounted prices everyday. High volume and low margins has been the best business model up to this point in time.

Also, impressive is that we provide corporate accounts quotations before purchasing of all our products. Therefore, a corporation can visit the site shop around select all the items they need, submit the quotation request and withing a couple hours receive an unbeatable quotation.

In summary, when you want to be pampered with customer service for Information Technology or digital products, is the only place to shop.

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