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Vita Novus

We are your COMPLETE Addiction Recovery Solution!!
Vita Novus is committed to providing resources to anyone suffering from addiction. We currently have directory listings across the nation of some of the leading Rehab and Detox Centers. Since Vita Novus launched its practice, it is quickly becoming a powerful voice for those fighting addiction. The response and results have been amazing. Vita Novus has created a one stop for personalized resources, support, and help for those millions needing it. Providing resources for almost every addiction and peer support on the site.

Positioned and ready to be the best destination on the web for anyone struggling with addiction and their family, friends, counselors, and doctors. We are also providing the much needed answers for those seeking information on addiction or rehabilitation.

Being a primary choice for drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation in Canada, we provide contemporary yet holistic services to cure our patients of this deadly disease. To maintain the same success story and give our patients a prosperous addiction-free life, we have highly experienced professionals who hold expertise in their perspective addiction recovery fields. Under the guidance and assistance of these proficient staff, our patients recover effectively and promptly. Coupled with strict guidance and the assistance of skilled professionals from start to finish, the proficiency of using our network also helps patients to alleviate their affliction quickly. We have facilities to accommodate a large range of needs both personally and in cost effectiveness. Our facilities range from having basic amenities to being completely resort like. One is located in beautiful northern Ontario Parry Sound district of executive cottage country on the water with many acres of complete serenity and provides world-class amenities like trails, fishing, canoeing,lounges, private rooms, meeting halls, gym facilities, indoor pool, hot tub and many more. With the availability of all our facilities together makes us one of the best rehab networks in Canada.

In a nutshell, we are proud to be valued for our accomplishments as well as our standards and our diverse reputation for being something more than just another average addiction solution. We are the recovery hub for all to enjoy the benefits of healthy living!!!Welcome to Vita Novus, a leading and reliable name for Addiction rehab solutions in Canada. At Vita Novus , we believe in total health recovery and can assist with your affliction be it alcohol or drugs. We will assist from initial assessment through treatment at one of our beautiful facilities and continue with another 10 months of our unique and continuous follow-up and aftercare to ensure the highest success for you in recovery. With experience and expertise, we let you enjoy an addiction free life that leads you towards personal improvement, a healthy lifestyle and revived vigor to enjoy what life can offer not only for you but the family and anyone else addiction touches.

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