Puna Kamali'i Flowers, Inc.

Puna Kamali'i Flowers, Inc.

Puna Kamali'i Flowers, Inc. is a small, family-owned business that provides services for the developmentally disabled, including habilitation-supported employment, personal assistance and transportation. These opportunities are created through the production of foliage materials and packing materials for the floricultural industry, as well as a confidential document shredding service. Puna Kamaliā€™i Flowers, Inc. also provides group island tours for disabled individuals.


Private Company
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Company History

Puna Kamali'i Flowers, Inc. was incorporated in 1998. The company is family-owned and grew out of the need to provide habilitation-support employment for a developmentally disabled family member. The company has grown to employ over 40 full-time employees.