TN Foreign Language Institute

TN Foreign Language Institute


The Tennessee Foreign Language Institute (TFLI), an agency of the State of Tennessee established in 1986 by the General Assembly and dedicated to responsive public service, strives to facilitate intercultural communication through the provision of quality language instruction, translation and interpretation services, professional development for interpreters, translators and language instructors, and cultural awareness programs, which are designed to meet the needs of the state government and its employees, the business community, foreign language educators, and the public at large.

The official goals of the Tennessee Foreign Language Institute can be found in the legislative mandate in the Tennessee Code Annotated. The legislation outlines the purposes of TFLI, "which shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

Coordination and provision of foreign language skills needed by state government for purposes of industrial recruitment, tourist development or any other state purpose;
Original research into the most effective methods of foreign language instruction and the dissemination of such knowledge;
Improvement of the language skills and teaching methods of foreign language instructors at all levels in the schools, colleges and universities of Tennessee; and
Coordination and provision of foreign language instruction to the citizens of Tennessee."
Key to our growth is the distinction that we are not limited to the above goals, and we endeavor to provide:

Superior language instruction in English to serve the newest residents of the state of Tennessee;
Quality translation and interpretation services to state government, the business community, and the citizens of Tennessee;
Professional development, education, and training of interpreters and translators in the legal, medical, technical and commercial fields;
Professional development of instructors of all languages, with a certification program for teachers of English as a Second Language; and
Cultural awareness programs to meet the needs of public safety professionals and others.
The Tennessee Foreign Language Institute employs 12 culturally-diverse staff members, and hundreds of adjuncts from many cultures and countries. We fully support Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the strengthened provisions with regard to those with Limited English Proficiency. Please read this informative brochure for more information on Title VI.

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