The site is owned and operated by a group of independent software developers specializing in designing web applications in the PHP programming language for online businesses dealing with electronic currencies, including so called Digital Gold Currencies. That is why the site got its name, the blend of the words “Gold” and “PHP”.

PHPStrike General Partnership was formed in 2002 by several persons who were enthusiastically oriented towards Digital Gold economy and it was a classic example of a nanocorp. By the end of 2003 the group was well-known among online merchants accepting e-currencies and e-currency exchange business owners because of such products as EXS (e-currency trading software), ESCI (e-currency shopping cart) and some other e-currency related software products. On the whole PHP Strike has brought into life five complete software solutions.

Despite the large growth and much interest in the products, in November, 2004 the management of PHPStrike decided to stop working on all the released software products and stop selling them. The only exception was made for EXS, the most claimed and popular among all the products. It was decided to concentrate on its improving and to begin working out a line of new products.

Today PHPStrike is one of the few software vendors specializing in developing solutions for DGC/E-Currency enterprises. The team actively collaborates with DGC-Software, a software development division of Eldev company, a recognized leader in the area of automatization of payment routines. Excellent programming skills, vast knowledge and extended experience in working with APIs of e-currency systems enable us to create unique high-quality software solutions for e-currency merchants and market makers.

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