Louisville, KY based I/Gear, Inc. produces software to meet varying customer needs with a common approach to connectivity, data transport, and data presentation. I/Gear products enable the deployment of various manufacturing solutions to include build-to-broadcast, error proofing, visual communication, advanced notification, traceability, and manufacturing intelligence, each based on reliable, real-time movement of data. I/Gear, Inc. is privately held.


Private Company

Company History


I/Gear has been providing solutions to the manufacturing industry since 1986, and has its roots in the systems integration business. In 2000, while working as a focused division of integrator, APS, a highly skilled team of MES (manufacturing execution system) experts and software developers began building a portfolio of branded I/Gear products. Due to instant success in the field and the ever increasing customer demand for more features and capabilities, I/Gear decided to incorporate as a dedicated product company in June of 2003.