IPS-Trade.com (formally known as International Purchasing Services BV) is a privately owned procurement and trading organisation with specific knowledge of MRO materials , providing worldwide procurement and logistic services to Petrochemical Industries and Engineering companies on all continents.

The materials we provide include:

** Piping materials (pipes,flanges,fittings,studbolts,gaskets)

** Plates and raw materials for Vessels, tanks and heat exchangers (plates,beams,rods,angle)

** Instrumentation materials (tubing,compression fittings,manifolds)

** Valves (gate,globe,check,butterfly, needle,DBB)

** Electrical Equipment (cables, JB, lugs).

Throughout the years acting as a procurement office and trading house for many overseas companies, IPS has become an important purchasing partner, handling an increasing procurement volume each year.We are well know in all market segments and approved by most major oil companies around the world.

IPS-TRADE.COM: the future in purchasing.

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