Columbus Black was established on May 5, 2005 and is the primary on-line source of news and event information primarily targeted to the African-American community in Columbus, Ohio. The site was designed to provide the black community with an online venue that will allow them to satisfy a variety of interest. is the one- stop shop for its guest and members providing an array of information such as News, Entertainment Reviews, an Events Calendar, Lifestyle Articles, Business Directory, Career Links, Education Links, Shopping Venues, Communication Forums and more.

During 2002, a BET poll stated that Columbus, OH is the #1 city for African-American families and has been developed to help communicate all of the positive attributes that has assisted in this poll. The African-American population in Columbus is 24.5% and growing. In addition to the wide variety of information provided on the site and the communication forums that have been developed, ColumbusBlack plans to give back. This will be done through a number of charitable events and virtual programs designed to make a positive impact on the people in the city of Columbus, Ohio and globally as well. is the optimal on-line venue for companies, promoters, entrepreneurs, artists, schools and others to promote themselves and show the African-American community that they value their economic power.

As an incentive to utilize the site, membership and the weekly newsletter of events are free for those who register. Please visit the site at We thank you for your support. Enjoy the site and tell a friend.

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