Scott Stipe & Associates, Inc., DBA Career Directions Northwest is an experienced provider of Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling, Vocational Evaluation, Vocational Expert Witness Services, Labor Market Survey, Job Analysis, Job Placement, Vocational Testing, Career Counseling and related services. In addition to providing counseling services we are a dominant provider of Vocational Forensics providing Expert Testimony in cases involving analysis of Loss of Future Earning Capacity, Past Wage Loss, Benefit Value/Loss, Mitigation of Loss of Earning Capacity via Vocational Rehabilitation, Loss and Replacement Cost of Household Services, Assessment of Diligent Job Search Effort.
Our owner, Scott T. Stipe MA, CRC, CDMS, LPC, D/ABVE is a highly utilized and nationally known Vocational Expert used by both defense and plaintiff counsel in personal injury, professional liability, product liability, worker's comp, employment, disability, Social Security, family law, railroad, longshore and other cases. All professional staff either possess or are supervised by nationally credentialed counselors/experts

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