Short Sale Solutions of Florida

Short Sale Solutions of Florida

We have assembled a team of dedicated professionals to help folks who are facing foreclosure, and wish to stop the foreclosure, and save their credit.

Our Short Sale Experts can help you avoid foreclosure, protect your credit, and protect you from future liability from your lender(s). Our team of consultants have experience in negotiation, we have an in-house team of more than 200 Realtors, and an in-house Title company to insure you are protected.

Homeowners can avoid the financial pain and stress of foreclosure. If you are currently behind on your mortgage, and owe the bank more money than your home is worth, we can help you avoid a foreclosure that would remain on your credit report for the next 10+ years.

We understand there are many reasons why homeowners may get in over their heads, and we are here to help you in your specific situation.

Florida Short Sales are on the rise, and Florida was ranked #2 in foreclosure filings in September 2007. Use a Florida Short Sale to avoid foreclosure.

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