Toobee International Inc.

Toobee International Inc.
Toobee International Inc.

Toobee is the "worlds only amazing flying can" and "the longest going unknown fad in the world". Made in America & a green toy !00% recyclable.

TDmonthly Magazine why the product has such appeal: “Nothing flies like it. It weighs less than three grams, so if you throw it with the wind, it will keep going forever because it’s as light as a piece of paper. It bounces off air currents and does all kinds of funny things. It actually looks like it’s moving in slow motion.”

Toobee is a cylindrical wing or annular airfoil. The Toobee pilot simply grips the can like a football and throws it, rounded edge forward, like an NFL long bomb. When thrown properly, Toobee will sail, soar, swoop and curve floating on air for distances almost the length of the football field. The patented high-tech aluminum airfoil is only .005 inches thick and weighs less than a marshmallow (3 grams). Its extreme lightness and specially rolled edges, make Toobee a toy that can be flown safely indoors or out. It can be tossed for distance, accuracy, fun or

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