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Chances are you are a physician who has been a victim of old and poorly designed electronic health records (EHR); you hate using EHRs daily, right? Or you are a solo provider who cannot afford to squander your money on certified EHRs.

Or you are a physician who finds the tasks of attaining Meaningful Use counterproductive and the cost to demonstrate it too much to take for you or your staff.

Or you are the office manager of a growing practice who is shopping for low-cost and alternative EHRs that will make your physicians and patients happy.

Please, put an end to your quest. Evaluate AlexiaHtC without risks. Indeed, AlexiaHtC, the world's first and only iEHR is for you. Call 301-593-4897.

AlexiaHtC was designed to increase your practice’s efficiency, revenue, and cost. Our integrated iEHR solution lets you manage patient records, insurance eligibility, documents, and billing in one place to maximize staff efficiency.

Are you looking for an affordable, intuitive, and usable Internet electronic health record? Are you sick and tired of your current paper charts, EMRs, or EHRs system? We understand your predicament very well. Everyday, we hear horror stories from practices that overpay for their EHR, or find their dated and poorly designed EHR unusable, or both.

DEMO AlexiaHtC today! Do you believe in miracles? Sometimes a skeptical or doubting Thomas refuses to believe in the magical art of AlexiaHtC. Even if you are a doubting Thomas, we are inviting you to see AlexiaHtC in action. Sometimes, you just have to see the web application in action with your own two naked eyes.

In conclusion, AlexiaHtC is the best way for you to document patient care; please, we invite you to switch to our charting application today! We make switching as easy as the letters A-B-C or as simple as the figures 1-2-3:

Step 1 – Call us at (301) 593-4897 to start a 30-Day free trial of AlexiaHtC.
Step 2 – Register your facility (clinic, practice, pharmacy, or hospital).
Step 3 – Facilitate your onboarding (setup options and data migration).

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