Tilana Systems Corporation

Our message is simple.

We make online storage powerful. We provide enterprise-class functionality in an online SaaS (Software as a Service) model that's accessible to business and consumer PC users. Our product concept is unique.

San Diego based Tilana Systems Corporation solves the universal problem of digital content management, through continuous real time data protection and synchronization.

We present the otherwise unavailable combination of true real time CDP, permanent archival, sync, remote and mobile data access, and version history as one affordable service.

Our service, Tilana Reserve™, uses delta versioning technology that detects changes to files and only transfers modified data unobtrusively without user interaction. Users can access any previously saved version of a protected file, from any PC on the Internet where the software can be installed.

Tilana Reserve™ brings enterprise-class file synchronization and protection into reach for the home user and for the small to medium-sized business.

Truly Continuous Data Protection (CDP)
Protect your files as you work, not just on a loosely scheduled interval.

New and modified files are protected automatically as you save. Tilana Reserve keeps encrypted copies of your files in a secure, off-site data center.

Perpetual Off-Site File Storage,
Your Personal Digital Archive™
Remotely store what's no longer needed on your computers, not just a copy of what's still on your computers.

Deleted files are perpetually archived in your personal remote storage space, along with their version histories. You can restore them when ever you want them, not just for a month after they're deleted from your computer.

Automatic Versioning
Save the last save, and the one before that..., not just the latest.

Ever need last week's version of a file? When Tilana Reserve protects your file modifications, each saved version is preserved. Retrieve any past version in seconds.

Finally, Storage Pricing That Makes Sense
Unlimited PayOnce™ storage is $2 per GB

You only pay for your storage space when you start, or whenever you need more. Just pay an unchanging $19.95/mo to have ongoing access to it.

Automatic Folder and File Synchronization
Make selected folders and files always the same
between any or all of your computers.

Keep your files synced so you can work wherever you like. Sync whole folders, or sync classes of files. Any file protected in the remote data center is available to sync between your computers.

Effortless Dependability
Install and relax. With nothing to remember, you're always covered.

Sign up and get set up in minutes. Tilana Reserve works continuously in the background, protecting your files off site. No backup tapes to manage, or disks to burn. Restore lost files effortlessly.

Priceless Efficiency
Save time and money, without any wasted motion.

Looking for lost files on backups, manually copying files between computers, or recreating work from memory takes time away from your work. Get Tilana Reserve and focus on what you'd rather be doing with your computer.


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