Play! Tennis

Play! Tennis

We are a tennis club with the goal to inspire people from all backgrounds and age groups to stay active and healthy through the sport. We make tennis accessible to players by organising sessions every day at various venues.

We have three types of tennis sessions: Social, Instructional, and Competitive.

We hold social sessions where players who have some basic tennis skills can join for some fun singles and doubles rallies. You will get to play some casual games in a friendly and relaxed environment. Our social tennis sessions are the best way to meet new people and make new friends.

We conduct instructional tennis classes for players who are new to the sport or looking to improve. Our group tennis lessons for kids and adults are ongoing and are suitable for all levels of players.

We have competitive formats, like the Friendly Singles Round Robin and the Super Saturday Doubles Playoff for experienced players looking for some friendly competition. Our unique ball machine challenges will also test the skills of advanced players.

We emphasize having fun and staying safe in all our sessions. We want you to have a good time whilst staying active. At Play! Tennis, we take care of all your tennis needs so you never have to worry about how to play, where to play, and who to play with.

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