Elamant International and The Elamant Cares Foundation. An Unstoppable force! Elamant is, at its heart, a market research company that also offers an incredible member benefits program. Our goal is to nurture authentic high quality data capture through our member's regular everyday purchase experiences. The Elamant platform streamlines the reward earning process, without requiring members to change their lifestyles, making #MyElamant a growing and unstoppable force worldwide.

Two distinct service lines define the Elamant business model:
1) Data collection, analysis, reporting, and advertising.
Elamant has established a ‘Data Engine’, whereas members worldwide submit receipts from retail shops and may collect Data Points. The company compiles the shopping receipts, organizes, analyzes, and reports the data to present to retail shops and local merchants. With analytics around shopper profiles, Point of Sale (POS) data, and merchant e-commerce products, Elamant can help make the best use of the merchants’ advertising dollars. The Merchant Advertising Program allows the merchant to see detailed analytics and customer buying habits right from their dashboard. This type of data can show the store owner exactly how much in sales Elamant has been able to drive to their shop using real receipts submitted from our shoppers.
2) Elamant membership benefits program.
Members interested in the program pay a recurring membership fee and have access to exclusive benefits. One example of these additional benefits include a Travel Portal which allows our customers to save up to 70% on local and international travel bookings. Only our members are backed by our “Best Price Guarantee” to ensure they will always save when they book through their personalized Travel Portal. Another benefit is our training and personal development platform, “Elamant U.” This additional benefit allows our members to gain the skills required to succeed in today’s economy. Our cutting edge soft skills programs enable members to access courses on-demand from their mobile phone or laptop; giving them the ability to “Grow on the Go.” Our partner company offers this program to its customers directly for US$299 upfront and US$99 per month. Elamant members have this additional benefit included in their membership at no extra cost! With many more benefits coming soon, we always strive to provide unique and valuable resources to our members, helping save them money and enhance every ‘Elamant’ of their lives.
Elamant continues to grow and expand, thanks in part to its ability to source great products and services to help grow the membership in value. The data analytics division has processed more than 7 million receipts over the last few months, which is expected to more than double by the end of 2020. Elamant projects the collection of 50 million POS receipt records in 2021, providing more than a billion points of unique data to stores participating in the Merchant Advertising Program.


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Company History

We launched our company successfully on November 8th, 2017 at the Capitol Theater in Singapore with our Red Carpet Launch Event. Over the past two years, we have made many enhancements and have been able to test the best direction for the market and members. Learning from our past has been the ultimate resource in helping us transform our company into a universal platform that is more lucrative to both our members and our worldwide merchant partners for many years to come.

Why Elamant? Elamant is a portmanteau combining “element” and “elephant.” So how did these two concepts come together to create one worldwide members’ benefit club? It is our mission to help people find their element. And it’s an homage to the elephants of two of our favorite regions to visit: South Africa and Vietnam! When these pieces come together, there is a mosaic of opportunities, and we become an unstoppable force — like an elephant. Elephants don’t eat other animals, they aren’t in competition; Elamant is pioneering our own thing.
The African elephant is the largest land mammal on earth. Elephants possess thick skin, they’re strong, and they’re going to keep on moving forward, no matter what comes their way. They care about other members of their tribe. They are the only animals that walk in groups, linking up from trunk to tail. They move in a single file and unity. Elamant is about unity, walking in our own direction, with force and power and grace. Gentle, peaceful, and dynamic, elephants also have their trunks packed and are always ready for their next adventure!
Elamant is an online membership rewards platform that is created to support our members. We offer a lot of value. When you join and become a member, much like a country club or gym membership, you receive many benefits and rewards!