TWC Consulting Group Inc.

TWC Consulting Group Inc.

The TWC Consulting Group stands as a distinctive and specialized management consulting practice, distinguished by a wealth of experience and unparalleled expertise. Our reach extends to clients across the globe, guiding them to break free from conventional paradigms and challenge prevailing notions about culture, performance, management, and remuneration. Our mission is to assist in elevating thriving businesses to exceptional enterprises.

In a world where leaders grapple with complex challenges, we emphasize that innovative solutions demand fresh perspectives and an alternative skill set. We firmly believe that adopting fleeting trends or adhering to existing methodologies, so often touted as 'best practices' or 'world-class' benchmarks, falls short of genuine alternative thinking.

At the heart of the TWC Consulting Group, we serve as catalysts, reshaping mindsets and equipping our clients with the tools to propel their organizations to entirely new levels of economic, social, and ethical excellence. Our approach to change management is more than effective; it's sustainable.

Operating as trusted advisors, we embed ourselves in our clients' journeys, driving interventions in vital areas such as Corporate Renewal, Culture Transformation, Performance Management, Management Effectiveness, and Remuneration Strategy. With strategically placed offices in Seattle, Sydney, Geneva, and Belfast, we help to create legendary results.

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Company History

The TWC Consulting Groupstarted in 1990 in Geneva, Switzerland by a team of four partners who were and still are passionate about challenging the conventional wisdom of strategic planning practices. We have grown substantially from there.

Our trusted advice now centers on enabling our clients to transform their successful organizations into superior enterprises.

Our clients which include many of the world's most admired organizations are supported by four partners and a team of highly competent advisors, supplying organizations with trusted advice in the US, Asia, and Europe.