Variety Show for America

Variety Show for America

Are you one of the many millions of Americans disgruntled with the quality of entertainment that’s available today? Do you spend a lot for cable or satellite TV and still have nothing to watch? Are you fed up with the many so-called reality shows that are springing up, it seems, practically weekly? How many times can we watch people eat bugs? Do you think, as many of us do, that the entertainment selections these days are bland and totally commercialized to a point were glitz and skin is all that is offered? Well, we have just the thing for you! A live variety show with top notch entertainers and a theatre that will take you back to the days of old! These are professional acts, not “tribute performers” (who try to sing or act like famous stars). Come join the sounds of a big band and see acts that will have you amazed! It’s the all new “Variety Show for America” and our first stop is Quincy, Florida. Take a look at our line up!

Local Producer, Gordon McCleary, lives in Tallahassee and is originally from Boston, MA. He is an independent Producer with no ties to the mainstream entertainment industry, which suits him just fine. Gordon has produced a few shows locally here in Tallahassee over the course of the past few years. He has an enormous passion and energy for producing, and is taking it to a new level by applying it toward his current production of the “Variety show for America”, a title that embodies the overall theme of the show.

Gordon feels the need for a show like this is way overdue. He states “In this age of three-second sound bites, over-exaggerated glitz and reality shows, in my opinion we have come full circle as far as available entertainment goes. The days of Vaudeville were replaced by radio, and then radio was replaced by Television. As I see it now, TV has morphed into a highly commercialized regurgitation of blahness filled with bug-eating reality shows that has the public yearning for good, old-fashioned live quality entertainment worth the price of admission”. This variety show is a celebration of the many great entertainers that are out here today. Yes, you can travel to Las Vegas and other parts of the country to see some form of current variety show offerings, but when was the last time a show like this came to your local theatre?

So we invite you to turn off the TV and come to the show, sit back and enjoy a piece of Americana. We promise you will be thoroughly entertained and we will not be eating any bugs!

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