Carol McPhee

While working through a Bachelor of Science degree in nutrition at Acadia University in Nova Scotia and interning a year at Harper Hospital in Detroit, I had romance on my mind but not a thought of writing a romance novel. During my years as a dietitian, and helping to raise four children with my own special hero, I read the occasional romance, but  still never dreamed of writing my own.

The children eventualy flew from the nest leading to our frequent long drives to visit the ones in Ontario. During these drives, a story kept revolving in my head. I started writing it down and to my dismay discovered the more I wrote the more interesting the plot and the characters became and what fun I had manipulating them. This led to my first novel Scotian Run.

Published by an online magazine company in the story's locale, this encouragement led to more writing, joining Romance Writers of America and becoming one of the founding members of Romance Writers of Atlantic Canada. In this group I learned many facets of manuscript presentation. Later, as a member of wePublish, a group of dedicated authors on the net, I learned the fundamentals of making a a story better through critiquing and discussion.

After years of trying the highly competitive market of various publishing houses, Wings e-Press has taken me under their 'wings.' It's with great joy and enthusiasm I offer four more of my stories for public perusal, hoping the readers will fall in love with the characters as much as I did while creating them. I am currently winding up another story, Jeweled Seduction, to be followed by a rewrite of Scotian Run and a new project in which all characters of Undercover Troubles and Means To An End will come together.

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