HKD Diamond Laboratories Canada

HKD Diamond Laboratories Canada

HKD Diamond Laboratories Canada was established in 1990 to provide secure and reliable gemological services to jewellery manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers. Over the past 15 years the company has become an international leader in diamond reports, jewellery dossiers, and branded jewellery reports. Staffed by GIA trained gemologists and other professionally accredited personnel, its three state-of-the art laboratories are conveniently located in the heart of the gemstone and jewellery districts of Toronto-Canada, Mumbai-India, and Bangkok-Thailand.

As new treatments and synthetic stones are introduced, HKD rises to the challenge of safeguarding the integrity of its clients’ jewellery. Innovative and always up-to-date with technological breakthroughs, HKD was the first laboratory to introduce Type 2A gem testing in and HPHT (High Pressure/High Temperature) testing in . The company’s forgery resistant reports have elevated security standards throughout the industry. In addition to its scientific knowledge, HKD always stays one step ahead of the marketing curve, and was the first to introduce the branding of DTC (Diamond Trading Company) Right Hand Rings to the Canadian public.

Clear and concise, HKD’s diamond and gem reports are continually adapted to the ever-changing jewellery marketplace. Professionally produced using advanced digital imaging, the company’s lab reports are sold to the trade, but produced in a user-friendly format that caters to the final consumer. In addition, HKD specializes in branded reports for jewellery designers wishing to supply a “Certificate of Authenticity” along with their fine jewellery. Digital diamond plots, logos, SealSafe Holograms, and unique identification numbers are among the security measures taken to prevent tampering of these critical documents.

HKD Diamond Laboratories Canada remains committed to providing the highest level of standards and evaluation practices in the industry, always striving toward greater cost efficiency and lower turnaround time. Reliability, accuracy, and consumer confidence have been and always will be the company’s top priority. For HKD’s commitment does not end with the immediate client, but with the women and men who wear its clients’ jewellery.

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