We have developed this mountain biking website with hopes of creating and nurturing a global community of people who love to mountain bike. We strive to encourage people to step out of their own backyards and experience mountain biking in other parts of the world, even if its only through the world wide news that we bring them. We can only hope that with the information we bring this global community, and the participation we encourage, that people will develop friendships and mountain biking connections or even travel to distant destinations to mountain bike.

Our community calendar allows members to add events like group rides, races, etc. Articles are written about these events all over the world and added to our blog, giving people a reason to join in and have a chance to expand their social base. What better way to do this than mountain biking- a healthy, fun activity that gets people outdoors.

The forum is like any other forum, where the community can ask questions and share topics of interest.

We offer a SingletrackWiki, which is just that, a Wiki - for biking trails. If you are not familiar with wiki's, basically, they are websites that allow a community to freely and collectively gather/edit information. Our singletrackWiki provides a means for our community of bikers to gather trail information all around the world.'s goal is to cultivate global participation in our mountain biking community and in so doing, bring the community content that is entertaining, educational and informational.

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