E-Business Consulting

E-Business Consulting works in the internet marketing consulting fields and aims new sales and development strategies to enterprises that want to win the new competitive challenge.

We want to be a business integrator in order to drive innovative sales and digital marketing strategies from university to multinational corporation.

In order to govern the new economic paradigm and its most important element, the knowledge, it is necessary to organize a continuous and dynamic capacity of learning from the outside, which is able to tailor the new by means of enhancing the existing, creating a progressive "learning-alteration" spiral.

The E-Business Consulting consulting model assists the business in its most important decisions in order to drive commercial, marketing and organizational decisions.

We want to rest with our clients, as a partner in innovation, in order to understand their needs and expectations, feelings and emotions, requisites and factors that cause attraction, satisfaction, happiness, and fidelity.

The strategic partnerships with the University of Padua creates value, synergies and competences.


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Company History

E-Business Consulting

From the job experience of managers in global and multinational companies and the support of the University of Padova, E-Business Consulting, the leading company in business and marketing consulting, was founded in 2002.

We want to suggest to the enterprises new customers strategic development models in order to maintain and to improve the competitiveness on the domestic and international markets in synergy with the University of Padua as competence center.

We are member of an international network that allow us to drive and manage clients and projects to multinational level and to develop best practices and data bank on international scale.

Every business relation is for us a continuous incentive to discover new way and opportunities. We don't recommend only a consulting services reproduction, but a tailored consulting model to win the new competitive challenges so your company business will take off.

In this point of view, we help our clients to get:

1 Business Performance Improvement

2 Competitive strengthening