Veterinarian-Created MeliHeal™ All-Purpose Healing Salves Now Available to Veterinarians, Farriers, and Other Dog and Horse Practitioners

Honey-Based Remedy Effectively Treats Wounds, Skin Allergies, and Other Common Equine and Canine Conditions. - June 02, 2011

Veterinarian-Created MeliHeal™ Introduces Powerful First-Aid Healing Salve for Dogs

Honey-Based Remedy Effectively Treats Hot Spots, Cuts and Abrasions, Skin Allergies and Other Common Canine Conditions. - November 30, 2010

Veterinarian-Formulated MeliHeal All Purpose Healing Salve™ a First-Aid Staple for Spring

Honey-Based Salve Treats Thrush, Rain Rot, Ringworm and Hoof Injuries Common in Wet Weather - April 23, 2010

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