Veterinarian-Created MeliHeal™ All-Purpose Healing Salves Now Available to Veterinarians, Farriers, and Other Dog and Horse Practitioners

Honey-Based Remedy Effectively Treats Wounds, Skin Allergies, and Other Common Equine and Canine Conditions.

Mathias, WV, June 02, 2011 --( In response to growing demand, the veterinarian creator of MeliHeal All Purpose Healing Salve™ for horses and MeliHeal Canine Wonder Salve™ has launched a new product line specifically for veterinarians, farriers, and other commercial users.

With a unique blend of honey (an ancient remedy for the treatment of infected wounds) and other natural healing ingredients, the MeliHeal family of products has proven to be an effective treatment for a wide range of equine and canine ailments—from skin infections and allergic reactions to catastrophic wounds and other types of soft-tissue injuries.

While originally launched as consumer retail products, MeliHeal All Purpose Healing Salve™ for horses—which has been featured in "Equus," "Natural Horse," and "Horse Illustrated"—and MeliHeal Canine Wonder Salve™ are both now available in commercial quantities to accommodate the unique needs of veterinarians, massage therapists, farriers, and other canine and equine practitioners.

“A growing number of veterinarians and farriers are already using MeliHeal in their practices, and with great success,” says MeliHeal creator Cheryl L. Detamore, DVM. “Their only complaint was that the smaller consumer retail jar ran out too quickly. In response to this growing need, I’m now offering it in commercial quantities to make it easier for vets and other professionals to keep a larger supply on hand to treat the wide range of conditions for which it has become synonymous.”

“I regularly use MeliHeal for wound management and have had fantastic results,” states Stacy Waters, DVM. “Because it was formulated by a veterinarian, with natural healing properties, it’s a product I feel comfortable using and recommending to my veterinary clients.”

MeliHeal’s Remarkable Wound-Healing Benefits:
• Protects against infection
• Improves circulation to the wound
• Repairs and regenerates tissue
• Reduces pain and swelling
• Minimizes scarring
• Calms and soothes

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About the MeliHeal Inventor
Cheryl L. Detamore, DVM, has practiced veterinary medicine for over 13 years, and specialized in Thoroughbred horses in the heart of Kentucky’s horse country. A graduate of the Tuskegee University School of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Detamore now practices in Virginia and West Virginia. She has written about equine health for "Western Horseman Magazine," "Natural Horse Magazine," "Equine Wellness Magazine," and "The Horse."

MeliHeal All Purpose Healing Salve
Cheryl L. Detamore, DVM