Professional Guitarist Reveals Secrets to Effective Guitar Teaching

Tom Hess releases a guitar teaching eCourse that shows guitar teachers how to become highly effective at teaching guitar to their students. - July 04, 2012

Rock Star Announces Release of Innovative Online Guitar Soloing Resource

New guitar soloing resource is released from Tom Hess and Fabio Lione to show guitar players how to make truly awesome guitar solos. - May 09, 2012

Online Resource Helps Guitar Players Create Professional Quality Guitar Solos

New resource is available to help guitar players learn and master guitar soloing. - March 21, 2012

Guitarist Tom Hess Releases a New Record with His Band Rhapsody Of Fire

Rhapsody Of Fire releases a new album featuring the playing of the band's new member - virtuoso guitarist Tom Hess. - June 23, 2011

Virtuoso Guitarist Tom Hess Joins Rhapsody of Fire

Virtuoso guitar player and leading online guitar teacher Tom Hess joins the epic metal band Rhapsody of Fire - April 17, 2011

Special Report About Practicing Guitar Reveals Why Many Guitarists Struggle with Making an Effective Practice Schedule

Special report about practicing guitar helps guitar players to make more progress by using the most effective guitar practice schedules. - December 13, 2010

Rock Star Partners with Tom Hess Music Corporation to Help Rock Bands to Become Hugely Successful

Up and coming bands are taught to avoid common music career mistakes by a famous rock star. - November 02, 2010

Tom Hess Music Corporation Announces Music Career Special Report That Helps Bands to Make Their Live Shows More Successful

Bands learn what to do to get a lot of people to attend their gigs by studying a special report on improving their stage presence, live performance and concert promotion skills. - September 08, 2010

Innovative Resource for Practicing Guitar Helps Guitar Players to Progress Faster

Guitar players learn how to make a lot more progress with the help of the most advanced guitar practice tool. - August 10, 2010

Guitar Teacher Goes from Working a Day Job to Support His Music Career to a Six Figure Guitar Teaching Business

Guitar teacher expands his business from teaching a handful of guitar students to a six figure success, helping over 100 guitar players every week to learn to play better. - July 19, 2010

Tom Hess Music Corporation Publishes Results of Study That Reveal Why Many Guitar Teachers Don't Get a Lot of Students

Survey results identify the reasons why most guitar teachers do not succeed at attracting a lot of guitar students. - June 25, 2010

Tom Hess Music Corporation Helps Guitar Players Save Time, Money and Frustration by Learning How to Avoid Mediocre Guitar Teachers

Summary: Guitarists all over the world can now get guidance on how to find the right guitar teacher for them. - May 12, 2010

Tom Hess Music Corporation and Alex Staropoli Coach Unknown Bands How to Make It in the Music Industry

After already selling more than 1.2 Million records worldwide, Alex Staropoli, keyboardist, co-songwriter and co-band leader of the Italian epic metal band Rhapsody of Fire (latest release "The Frozen Tears Of Angels", April 30, 2010) launches new coaching program for unsigned rock... - May 01, 2010

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