Innovative Resource for Practicing Guitar Helps Guitar Players to Progress Faster

Guitar players learn how to make a lot more progress with the help of the most advanced guitar practice tool.

Chicago, IL, August 10, 2010 --( Tom Hess Music Corporation announces an innovative web-based solution for maximizing the effectiveness of one's guitar practicing.

With the abundance of guitar practice materials, lessons, videos and other resources, many guitar players find it difficult to divide their time among all the things they want to practice. As a result, a lot of time is wasted by practicing guitar through a randomized process of trial and error.

To solve this problem, an innovative guitar software called "The Practice Generator" has been created to enable guitar players to practice with maximum effectiveness by creating the most efficient practice schedule based around the student's needs, goals, strengths and weaknesses.

The inventor of the program, online guitar teacher and professional recording artist Tom Hess says: "In addition to teaching hundreds of guitar students in my online guitar lessons, I also receive many emails every week from guitar players around the world asking me how to create the most effective guitar practice schedule. This inspired the idea of building The Practice Generator. I wanted to help as many guitar players as possible to get the most powerful results from their practicing, and with this resource I'm able to do exactly that."

The Practice Generator allows the user to make more progress in less time by focusing the practice session only on the unique things that the specific guitarist using it needs to work on to reach his goals without wasting time.

In addition to helping the student organize his practicing in the same way a great guitar teacher would do, the Practice Generator also monitors the amount of time spent on each item and helps to track progress. By taking out all guesswork from the process of building an effective practice schedule and eliminating wasted guitar practice time, the guitarist is now able to see more dramatic progress in his playing in a much shorter period of time.

Hess states: "After teaching guitar and music for many years now, I know that guitar players typically do not struggle with having enough materials to practice. What most guitar students lack is guidance on what to do with the hundreds of guitar tab lessons, instructional guitar videos, music books and other practice materials they already have. An efficient and specific guitar practice schedule acts like a map to help students learn guitar much faster than they can do on their own. Many of my guitar students, as well as hundreds of guitar players all over the world use the Practice Generator. Those who do, become better guitar players much more quickly."

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