Online Resource Helps Guitar Players Create Professional Quality Guitar Solos

New resource is available to help guitar players learn and master guitar soloing.

Chicago, IL, March 21, 2012 --( Tom Hess Music Corporation announces the release of new instructional product to help guitar players learn how to master guitar soloing.

Most guitar players have access to countless guitar lesson websites each time they search the internet. Most of these guitarists end up copying guitar solo ideas from these sites, but do not understand how to create their own. This leads to a lack of creativity in their soloing.

This has inspired the creation of online guitar solo resource “Master Guitar Soloing Now.” Created exclusively by Tom Hess (Rhapsody Of Fire) and Nick Layton (Firewolfe), this online resource is designed to help guitar players ‘improve guitar phrasing’ in their solos.

“You can't name a single 'great' guitarist who wasn't a master of guitar phrasing. Different guitar players may have strengths or weaknesses in other areas, but all the great players have mastered phrasing. This is the only universal truth among the greatest guitarists,” says Tom Hess, co-creator of Master Guitar Soloing Now.

Hess goes on to say: “Why are there very few instructional materials on how to improve your guitar phrasing? The answer is simple:

“The vast majority of guitar teachers simply do not have great guitar phrasing themselves.

“The few that do, find it very hard to teach guitar phrasing to others in an easy-to-understand they teach other things only instead.

“Most guitar players who don't have great phrasing have a difficult time understanding 'what' they need to do to improve it. The few guitar teachers who attempt to teach phrasing typically say, 'play this lick like I do, because the phrasing sounds good.' Even if the student is able to play that specific lick exactly as the teacher can, the student still has not actually learned anything about how to improve his/her guitar phrasing in general. This means that when the student will play another guitar lick, the phrasing won't be any better because he only copied the teacher's playing without getting an understanding of 'how' to apply any real phrasing from the first lick to the second one.”

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