DHgate Publishes Its February Computer Industry Report

In March 2012, DHgate, as the first B2B online cross-border trade transaction platform, published its February computer industry report which can be regarded as a wind vane in the industry. - March 16, 2012

DHgate.com Emmy Awards-Inspired Dresses Enjoy Plenty of Prime Time Space with Fashion Retailers

In addition to New York, London and Milan Fashion Weeks, the Emmy Awards is one of the major annual trendsetting events for women's fashion, especially evening wear. While many dresses cost more than an ordinary car, and jewelry can cost more than a house, retailers stocking up on low cost Emmy Awards-inspired dresses through DHgate.com's China wholesale trading platform have been making significant returns on gowns inspired by the most popular Emmy Awards dresses that are in high demand. - September 20, 2010

Cosmic Perseids Photography Within Reach of Ordinary Earthlings with DHgate.com China Wholesale Prices

The Perseids meteor shower is one of the most beautiful and also regular astronomical events observed on Earth. It is an excellent opportunity for amateur stargazers and stellar photographers to practice their skills, with up to 200 meteors able to be observed on a single night over the Perseids meteor shower period. Buyers on DHgate.com, a leading China wholesale platform, have seen heavy demand for people looking to capture their own photographs of the cosmic event. - September 16, 2010

Seller Coupons Encourage Loyalty and Create Savings for China Wholesale Traders at DHgate.com

Major China wholesale trading platform DHgate.com currently offers many different ways for buyers to save on their orders. One popular discount facility which benefits sellers as well as buyers is the Seller Coupon facility, through which China wholesale businesses have recently seen significant repeat customers, and buyers have cumulatively saved thousands of dollars. - September 16, 2010

DHgate.com Buyers' Profits Climbing with Camping, Hiking and Outdoor China Wholesale Items

As the weather warms and becomes more stable, the thoughts of millions of people worldwide turn to cheap and natural weekend camping getaways. Camping gear is in steady demand for several months over summer and autumn, and buyers at popular China wholesale trading platform DHgate.com have been seeing exceptionally good returns on their investments in camping and outdoor activities items. - September 09, 2010

DHgate.com China Wholesale Sellers Get Guide to Slammin' Profits Over WWE SummerSlam

The theater and drama of the WWE is an innately American phenomenon, and inspires imitation and conversation across the country. With the US as one of their largest buying regions, DHgate.com, a leading China wholesale trading platform, recently published a guide to the WWE and related products for sellers on their platform. The guide adds to the already large body of market intelligence provided by the major trading platform, and is expected to benefit both China wholesale sellers and buyers. - September 02, 2010

Exclusive Items and Guaranteed Returns Make Valuable Rewards for VIP Members at DHgate.com

One of the most notable features of the trading environment on DHgate.com, a leading China wholesale trading platform, is the focus on building long-term relationships between buyers and sellers. DHgate.com itself focuses on building relationships with its buyers, with two valuable new VIP services available to long-term, high purchase volume members. - September 02, 2010

Retailers Get Opportunity to Branch Out and Blossom with Sample Order Free Returns Promotion at DHgate.com

Despite the enormous success that many retailers have experienced in using China wholesale suppliers as business partners, there still remains a reluctance to branch out to different sellers because of concerns that items will not be as described. DHgate.com recently launched a promotion aimed at helping retailers and suppliers build new relationships in a completely risk-free environment, with a limited time Sample Order Free Return promotion. - August 20, 2010

Top Value China Wholesale Items Now Coming Faster Than Ever with 1-Day Dispatch Service in DHgate.com

International online trade has opened up promising and profitable opportunities for thousands for businesses across the globe; yet transit times remain an innate obstacle to perfect trading conditions. DHgate.com is helping international buyers achieve massive savings while minimizing waiting time, with their 1-Day Dispatch option now available on the China wholesale trading platform. - August 18, 2010

All China Wholesale Buyers Get VIP Treatment with DHgate.com's Free Return Policy

Traditionally, while prices are incredibly low and the majority of Chinese wholesalers offer exceptional service, the possibility of receiving products that do not match expectations prevents some buyers from taking advantage of the myriad benefits that China wholesale buying offers. DHgate.com is helping buyers overcome these qualms and gain experience in buying and reselling China wholesale products, with a newly extended Free Return policy applicable to all buyers. - August 14, 2010

Top Sellers Stars Continue to Rise at China Wholesaling Platform DHgate.com

With the online China wholesale trading platform growing larger by the day, it can seem like finding high quality, low priced items within a niche would be a matter of luck on DHgate.com. However, the China wholesale trading platform is now recognizing the most sought-after items from its Top Suppliers on a Hot Items page, making it easy for buyers to find bargain items from respected sellers. - August 12, 2010

DHgate.com China Wholesale Traders Make Early Christmas Planning a Snap Over Christmas in August

Christmas in August is a popular way to shake off the summer slump, and is also an excellent time for retailers to start planning for the worldwide Christmas in December. DHgate.com, leading China wholesale trading platform, has released a list of hot-selling items from December's Christmas in 2009 to help retailers get ahead for 2010's Christmas. DHgate.com has also released a list of gift ideas for celebrating Christmas, based on hot-selling and in-demand items over the past year. - August 07, 2010

SF Marathon Runners Find There is Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself, with Support of DHgate.com Running Equipment

The San Francisco Marathon attracts a lot of attention worldwide, but the demanding course means that there are relatively few entrants compared to other large marathons. Over the period of the SF Marathon, DHgate.com buyers experienced a sales spike in the low-priced, high quality running... - August 06, 2010

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