Comic Book Web Site Saddles Up to Dark Horse has partnered with Dark Horse to expand its promotional reach through the web and through publications of the #1 Indie comic book publisher. - May 16, 2008

The Online Media ‘Mouse That Roared’

Nashville area online media company competes with major markets through expansion. Adds top rated channels and “integrated marketing” to offer powerful online advertising results. - April 26, 2008

New Addition to MidTen Media Sales Sets "Legal" Precedent

Fast growing Internet media company adds new account manager with legal background. Mid Ten media's expansion to allow companies and agencies to have important online presence. - April 24, 2008

Legendary Comic Book Artist Un-Retires for The Phantom and Hero Initiative

It’s time for The Ghost Who Walks to spring into action for a whole new generation of fans. Comic Collector Live, America’s newest comic book fan site offers fans a chance to reacquaint themselves with the Phantom, America’s first ‘spandex superhero’ with an exclusive... - February 14, 2008

Comic Book Hobby Becomes Big Business

Joe Butler, CEO of MidTen Media, Inc. has been a Spiderman fan from issue number one. But he, like many comic book lovers, was always dissatisfied with using a spreadsheet or writing information on index cards. So he decided to create what industry insiders now consider the ultimate comic book system. - November 22, 2007

‘Bad Boy’ Portrayal of Lone Ranger Angers Fans

The Lone Ranger rides into his next comic book adventure (#10) with a very rare black and white variant cover that portrays the masked man in what some fans say is a “dark and dismal” manner and should be avoided like the plague. Prepared exclusively for Comic Collector Live, the John... - October 24, 2007

The Lone Ranger Spurs Collectors with Rare Variant Cover

John Cassaday, Eisner Award Winning artist, has been commissioned by Comic Collector Live for the limited (250) black and white variant cover of the Lone Ranger (#10) series from Dynamite Entertainment. - October 20, 2007

Comic Collector Live "Seals" Deal with King Kong Series

Comic Collector Live "Seals" Deal with King Kong Series

A new mini-series based on Joe DeVito’s Kong: King Of Skull Island is being published by AAM/Markosia. This mini-series is the only one endorsed by the estate of the creator of Kong, Merian C. Cooper, and coincides with the 75th anniversary of the original King Kong movie of 1933. The premier sponsor of the series is Comic Collector Live which will feature its company logo on the front cover of every issue in the Kong series. - October 10, 2007

Comic Collector Live to Premier at Orlando Comic-Con

Even though Comic Collector Live has had a presence at the New York Comic Con and partnered with Silent Devil and Antacrtic Press in San Diego—its real ‘coming out’ party is scheduled for September 21-23rd at the Orlando Comic Con. - September 21, 2007

Comic Collector Live Fans Want 717,980 Comic Books

Comic Book Website has gathered over 700 thousand wish list items in just over two months. Comic Collector Live is re-defining the way comic book enthusiasts collect, buy, and sell comics. - September 13, 2007

MidTen Media Asks,"Holy Wish List Batman, Where Are All the Comic Books?"

New website opens with a problem. Thousands of hungry comic book buyers are seeking almost a half million comics. Comic Collector Live (owned by MidTen Media, Inc.) has the buyers but needs comic book sellers to fill the marketplace orders. Comic book retail shops and private collectors are starting to answer the call. - July 16, 2007

Comic Collector Live Opens Live Market Buying and Selling

Now there's a new place online to buy and sell comic books and to organize a collection. Comic Collector Live is now open for ecommerce. The system has already registered 36 thousand members and boasts a wish list of over 400 thousand Issues. - June 24, 2007

“Live” Data Expected to Impact the Comic Book Industry

Comic Collector Live to offer free live data to comic book websites and comic related homepages. Creator Joe Butler will allow access to its huge comic book database complete with hundreds of thousands of titles inlcuding cover art and issue details. - April 12, 2007

Free Comic Collector Software Best Thing to Happen to Comic Books Since Colored Ink

With ComicCollectorLive you’ll be able to organize, track, and even appraise your collection with just a click. It’s a comic book software made for everyone who loves comic books. You can easily manage your collection, build your wish list, and with one click buy or sell, and best of all, ComicCollectorLive pays you cash every time one of your referrals buys or sells a comic book. - November 08, 2006

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