MidTen Media Asks,"Holy Wish List Batman, Where Are All the Comic Books?"

New website opens with a problem. Thousands of hungry comic book buyers are seeking almost a half million comics. Comic Collector Live (owned by MidTen Media, Inc.) has the buyers but needs comic book sellers to fill the marketplace orders. Comic book retail shops and private collectors are starting to answer the call.

Hendersonville, TN, July 16, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Imagine opening a business with enough buyers to ring up half a million sales, but the store is still waiting for the inventor.! That’s what happened to Comiccollectorlive.com when the website opened up their “Live Market” buying and selling feature on July 2nd.

Joe Butler, creator of Comic Collector Live, says it’s a matter of catching up to the demand. “We have about 40 thousand users looking for over half million comic books (wish list on the website) and we are trying to reach the sellers to increase the supply—we already know the demand is huge.”

So far the site has attracted a few comic book retailers who have been able to increase their sales by setting up their virtual store online. But even the individual collector can live the dream of owning a comic book shop and starting a business for a nominal investment.

Comic Collector Live already offers users a free organizing software that is truly revolutionary. “Some of the comments from bloggers and software reviewers as well as thousands from within our forums have been more than enthusiastic—bordering on ecstatic”, says Butler. “From the beginning our vision was to build a system like nobody else. You can organize, group, track, appraise, buy, sell, and build a wish list. It even boasts a private message system between buyers and sellers and instant notification when an items sells, or when an item you’re looking for goes up for sale”.

Dave Macy, CCL Marketing Director, expects that Comic Collector Live may soon experience the ‘tipping point’. “It’s a slow but steady growth right now,” says Macy, “but as more issues are added and people experience the joy and ease of the our system compared to eBay or some other auction site they’ll start spreading the word to the niche to come over to join us.”

Comic Collector Live will be the guest of Silent Devil Productions and Antarctic Press during this years International Comic Con, July 25-29, in San Diego.

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Dave Macy