CBL Data Recovery Reminds Those Returning to Fort McMurray from Wildfire Tragedy That Data is Resilient

Data recovery specialist has words of caution for those finding damaged digital media upon returning to homes and businesses affected by Alberta and Fort McMurray wildfires but offers up hope that lost data and cherished photo memories can be recovered from disaster. - June 03, 2016

CBL Data Recovery Issues Warning for Businesses to Protect Data Against Severe Summer Heat and Storms

IT specialist CBL Data Recovery issues a formal warning to business owners to protect their data from loss and corruption this summer as temperatures spike and storms roll in. - August 06, 2015

CBL: Data Recovery for 20 Years

Help if IT Fails - CBL Data Recovery celebrates anniversary and looks back at expansions, technological evolution, customer service and 20 year journey. - November 08, 2013

OGID Institute of Japan Turns to CBL Data Recovery to Train Technologists on Latest Data Recovery Advances

OGID Institute of Tokyo, Japan recently sent their brightest and finest technologists to CBL's Markham laboratory for a week of training in the latest proprietary advances in data recovery techniques. CBL put competition aside to train one of its global competitors and help increase recovery rates. - March 08, 2013

CBL Data Recovery Responds to Indonesia Flood-Damage Data Loss Crises

Rainy Season Response for Water-Ravaged Digital Devices - CBL Data Recovery is responding to residents and businesses in Indonesia finding their digital devices drenched from flood waters and severe weather recently. - February 07, 2013

CBL Data Recovery Advises UK Flooding Victims Drenched Data Can be Recovered

CBL Data Recovery offers advice to those finding the hard drives, laptops, and digital devices in need of data recovery from being drenched in flooding and severe weather in the UK recently. - January 09, 2013

All is Not Lost; CBL Data Recovery Rallies to Respond to Thailand's Flooding Disaster

CBL Data Recovery has proactively opened a Flood Relief Receiving Centre in Bangkok to receive water-soaked digital media from businesses that have been affected by the recent disaster in Thailand. - December 21, 2011

CBL Data Recovery Taiwan Awarded ISO 9001 Certification

CBL Data Recovery Taiwan, part of CBL’s global facilities for computer data recovery services in the Asia Pacific region, announces that it has been awarded ISO 9001 certification - another achievement in CBL’s pursuit of continuous improvement worldwide. - March 11, 2011

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