CBL Data Recovery Advises UK Flooding Victims Drenched Data Can be Recovered

CBL Data Recovery offers advice to those finding the hard drives, laptops, and digital devices in need of data recovery from being drenched in flooding and severe weather in the UK recently.

Newcastle, United Kingdom, January 09, 2013 --(PR.com)-- CBL Data Recovery (CBL), a leading provider of data recovery services, offers advice to those finding their digital devices drenched from flood waters and severe weather recently. Downpours and severe flood-causing rainfall has been affecting many parts of the UK since November. The continuing threat to communities such as Yorkshire has requests for data recovery assistance on the rise for CBL Data Recovery. With almost record setting levels of rainfall over 2012, many areas nationwide continue to be under alerts and warnings from the Environment Agency. Personal safety remains the top concern but businesses, especially those of small and medium sizes, should be aware of threats to digital storage in personal computers, laptops and servers. Data is a critical element to the operation of most UK firms and even organisations with backups may still find themselves struggling to weather data loss scenarios.

Those affected by data losses and storm fallout should know data is very resilient. Clients are often surprised how much damage a computer hard drive can withstand. Files may be stored on hard drives in PCs, external hard disks, or in other devices like servers that may be waterlogged. CBL Data Recovery technicians have recovered data from hard drives lost in mud slides, burned by shop fires and submerged underwater from severe storms.

Users that find water-damaged drives or removable storage shouldn't panic. CBL offers some recommendations for what actions not to take:

* Do not attempt to use or turn on the water-damaged hardware
* Do not open the water-damaged media
* Do not expose the water-damaged media to heat to dry it
* Do not place the water-logged media in a freezer
* Do not agitate the hardware in an attempt to rid it of water.

Getting the damaged hard drive or media to a reputable data recovery provider should be the next step. Clients can contact CBL via its toll free help line at 0800 171 2225 or can submit jobs online at http://www.cbldatarecovery.co.uk/quote/uk-flood-damage where CBL will offer discounts on service to those that need assistance. As always, irrespective of the level of damage, CBL maintains its ‘No Data, No Charge’ service guarantee.

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