CBL Data Recovery Responds to Indonesia Flood-Damage Data Loss Crises

Rainy Season Response for Water-Ravaged Digital Devices - CBL Data Recovery is responding to residents and businesses in Indonesia finding their digital devices drenched from flood waters and severe weather recently.

Singapore, Singapore, February 07, 2013 --(PR.com)-- CBL Data Recovery (CBL), a major international provider of data recovery services is responding to residents and businesses in Indonesia finding their digital devices drenched from flood waters and severe weather recently. No stranger to a rainy season that brings floods, areas across the country have been hard hit this year. Regions across the nation from the capital Jakarta to the Northern Sumatra province have been inundated with rainfall. Homes have been left submerged, cities basically closed and landslides and disaster effects responsible for deaths and injuries. As challenges continue to present themselves to Jakarta and surrounding areas, safety remains top priority. However as threats fade, businesses, especially those of small and medium sizes, should be aware of threats to digital storage in personal computers, laptops and servers. Data is a critical element to the operation of many businesses and weathering data loss scenarios can present a considerable problem.

As Indonesians try to restore life to normal, inquiries to CBL about services are on the rise from those finding themselves with data disasters on their hands. CBL Data Recovery advises that storm fallout does not mean data is lost. CBL technicians have worked on recovery projects ranging from hard drives lost in mud slides to those submerged underwater from severe storms and know first hand that data is resilient. Flooding in the Asia-Pacific region reminds of crippling flooding in Thailand in 2010 that left businesses without access to data fighting to salvage the pieces as CBL rallied to support.

Weathering a flood-damage disaster can be helped by keeping some tips in mind. When discovering a data loss scene, CBL recommends the following:

* Do not panic
* Do not open the water-damaged media
* Do not expose the water-damaged media to heat to dry it
* Do not attempt to use or turn on the water-damaged hardware
* Do not place the water-logged media in a freezer
* Do not agitate the hardware in an attempt to rid it of water.

Flood-damaged hard drives or media should be sent to a reputable data recovery laboratory as the next step. Clients can contact CBL and submit projects online for recovery. As always, irrespective of the level of damage, CBL maintains its "No Data, No Charge" service guarantee.

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Since the establishment of operations in Singapore in 2003, CBL Data Recovery has witnessed a growing demand for its data recovery services. Throughout the Asia-Pacific region, CBL provides individuals, governments and agencies, corporations and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with critical data recovery services. In cleanroom facilities, CBL technicians employ proprietary techniques to recover data quickly and effectively from a wide array of affected media including hard drives, tapes, and other magnetic, optical and removable storage media. For further information, visit www.cbltech.com.sg.
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