Solar Light Retailer Lazerpoint Made Joint Efforts with People to Fight Against Hurricane Season

LED flashlight store Lazerpoint launched a new series of flashlights and lanterns to help people get through hurricane season. - September 16, 2011

Educational Supplies Can’t be Forgotten: Solar Light Shop Lazerpoint

Laser and light seller Lazerpoint said that people should pay more attention to educational supplies, which is a vital part of school supplies. - September 08, 2011

Solar Light Shop Lazerpoint Launched a Series of Camping Lights for American Labor Day

People intending to go camping on American Labor Day Holiday will be happy to hear that solar light retailer Lazerpoint released a series of camping lights. - August 31, 2011

LED Light Site Lazerpoint Launched a Series of Anti-Laser Glasses

LED light seller Lazerpoint released a new series of anti-laser glasses in order to warn laser enthusiasts never to point at other people with their laser pointers. - August 22, 2011

LED Light Supplier Lazerpoint Launched Survival Tools to Help Adventure Enthusiasts Survive in the Forest

Adventure fans will be pleased to hear that solar flashlight store Lazerpoint released a new series of survival tools for them. - August 07, 2011

LED Flashlight Seller Lazerpoint Announced Arrivals of Ultrafire and Uniquefire Flashlights

People will be glad to hear that Ultrafire and Uniquefire flashlights are now available from Lazerpoint as it announced arrivals of a great number of hot-branded flashlights yesterday morning. - July 24, 2011

LED Flashlight Supplier Lazerpoint Warns People to Protect the Environment and Save Energy

Hand-crank flashlight seller Lazerpoint launched a new line of solar and hand-crank flashlights to take the lead in protecting the environment and saving energy. - July 07, 2011

Laser and Light Shop Lazerpoint Released Paper Burning 2000mW High Power Laser Pointers

Laser fans will be excited to hear that laser pointer site Lazerpoint has launched match-lighting 2000mW high power blue laser pointers. - July 05, 2011

Rapture Gags Abound on Facebook: Laser Source Lazerpoint

There have been a lot of jokes shared on the non-arrival of rapture. Find out which groups created the most buzz, what they were based on and precisely what they did. - June 23, 2011

Laser Pointers Seller Lazerpoint Gives Out 200 Dollar Survival Kits at Grand Opening

Budget-conscious laser and lighting customers will be in to win several survival kits worth 200 dollars as part of opening promotions for laser and light equipment seller, Lazerpoint. - May 19, 2011

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