Educational Supplies Can’t be Forgotten: Solar Light Shop Lazerpoint

Laser and light seller Lazerpoint said that people should pay more attention to educational supplies, which is a vital part of school supplies.

Shenzhen, China, September 08, 2011 --( At its new product release conference solar flashlight source Lazerpoint pointed out that educational supplies should be given more attention.

Laser pointer shop Lazerpoint launched a series of educational supplies last Friday. At the new product release conference, Johnson Gray, Public Relations manager for Lazerpoint came up with the slogan that educational supplies couldn’t be forgotten.

“According to a survey carried out by NPD on back-to-school shopping, roughly 77% of back-to-school expense was spent on school supplies, 3% higher than that last year,” said Mr. Gray. “Educational supplies are capturing a larger and larger portion of school supplies. Previous educational supplies were limited to chalks, blackboard eraser, and books. With the development of technology and the improvement of people’s life, modern teaching has been changed a lot. Multimedia teaching gets more and more popular. Around multimedia teaching, a wide variety of school supplies come into being. People may be unconscious of their existence, but they have been there and can’t be forgotten.”

According to Johnson Gray, educational supplies for kids are also very important apart from school supplies around multimedia teaching.

“School supplies for kindergartens and educational toys are also very important. Anyhow, this part has been already given enough attention, which we are glad to see,” said Mr. Gray.

Mr. Gray added at last, “Lazerpoint released a series of educational supplies and other school supplies as well. We just want to make it clear that back-to-school supplies are not only something that for students but also for teachers.”

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