IMR Test Labs – Lansing Approved by AVIC Commercial Aero Engine

IMR Test Labs has been approved by AVIC Commercial Aero Engine (ACAE) for numerous tests at their Lansing location. ACAE is involved in the design, development, and manufacturing of commercial aircraft engines and related products. Below are some analyses ACAE has endorsed IMR to perform for you. - May 06, 2016

IMR Test Labs – Lansing Acquires KEYENCE VHX-5000 Microscope

IMR Test Labs now offers metallurgical services using a KEYENCE VHX-5000 microscope at their Lansing, NY location. The VHX-5000 allows IMR to provide enhanced, 3D, free-angle imaging at magnifications previously not available, providing you with more accurate measurements and photomicrographs of... - March 21, 2016

IMR Test Labs – Louisville Earns Nadcap Approval

IMR Test Labs Kentucky laboratory earns Nadcap approval to serve the aerospace & defense industries with materials testing services. - October 01, 2014

IMR Test Labs Installs New Tescan Vega-3 Scanning Electron Microscope

IMR Test Labs has acquired a new scanning electron microscope to enhance the lab's metallurgical and failure analysis services. - October 11, 2013

IMR Test Labs Earns GulfStream Approval for Materials Testing

IMR Test Labs can now offer high-quality metallurgical, mechanical, chemical and corrosion testing services to GulfStream's network of suppliers. - July 27, 2013

IMR Test Labs - Singapore Adds Failure Analysis Services and Advanced Metallurgical Capabilities

IMR Test Labs - Singapore has purchased a Zeiss SEM with EDX capabilities to expand the lab's metallurgical services to include failure analysis, corrodent identification, fractography and high-resolution photomicrographs. - June 15, 2013

IMR Test Labs - Singapore Earns Nadcap Accreditation

IMR Test Labs - Singapore has earned Nadcap Accreditation and GEAE AJ Code Approval to better serve the aerospace manufacturing industry. - February 27, 2013

IMR Test Labs – Singapore Expands ISO 17025 Scope of Accreditation

IMR Test Labs - Singapore has expanded the lab's ISO 17025 Approval Schedule with additional chemical, weld, mechanical and metallurgical test methods. - December 05, 2012

IMR Test Labs - Suzhou Earns ISO 17025 Accreditation

IMR Test Labs – Suzhou has recently completed an A2LA audit and has earned ISO 17025 accreditation for chemical, mechanical and metallurgical analysis services. - November 29, 2012

IMR Test Labs Receives Nadcap Accreditation for Adhesives Testing

Nadcap recognizes IMR Test Labs in Ithaca, NY for its commitment to continual improvement in aerospace quality. The Ithaca laboratory has earned reapproval of their previous non metallics testing capabilities, as well as the addition of adhesive and adhesive primer testing. - July 26, 2012

IMR Metallurgical Services – Louisville Earns GE S-400 Approval

IMR Test Labs in Louisville, KY has earned GE S-400 approval, enabling them to offer mechanical, metallurgical, chemical and failure analysis to a broader range of clients. - May 18, 2012

IMR KHA – Portland Earns A2LA Accreditation

IMR KHA - Portland expands it's approvals with A2LA accreditation. - August 24, 2011

IMR Test Labs Earns Nadcap Accreditation for Composites Testing

IMR offers high-quality materials testing services and now expands the composites testing department with Nadcap accreditation. - August 24, 2011

IMR KHA – Portland Earns GE S-400 Accreditation for Creep Testing

IMR KHA in Portland, OR is pleased to announce that they have earned GE S-400 accreditation for Creep Testing. Creep testing is useful in evaluating materials used in jet engines, gas turbines and other high temperature applications under load to prevent failure. It improves understanding of... - May 19, 2011

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