Gem Hsin's New Albite Series of LED Lamps Feature Even Illumination, Attractive Design and Energy Savings

Taipei, Taiwan, September 21, 2011 --( Gem Hsin, master of cool design and creative products, has launched the new Albite LED Home Lighting Series, featuring a floor lamp, wall lamp and ceiling lamp: albite.stand, albite.line and, respectively. With the new Albite series, Gem Hsin is introducing an innovative new concept in LED home lighting, highly functional LED lamps that suit a wide range of home types, combining LED lighting seamlessly with the user's living space.

The new Albite series of LED home lamps is different from older LED products. Competing LED lights use higher-power LEDs as a light source, often creating glaring visual highlights and much higher operating temperatures. So these older LED lights don't just have an adverse impact on visual comfort, but their high-power LEDs also bring an uncomfortable increase in room temperatures which causes a greater air-conditioning electricity load, and is directly contrary to all eco-friendly or green principles. However, the Albite series LED home lighting design uses patented technology to provide visual comfort while using low power LEDs that help achieve carbon reduction goals with only 2W per hour of electrical use. Albite's LEDs cut energy usage by 85% compared to incandescent bulbs, 80% compared to halogen lamps, 70% compared to CFL lamps, and 55% compared to fluorescent tubes.

Despite consuming only 8W of power, Albite lamps provide 800 lux illumination at 35cm. Albite's patented design achieves 99% uniformity of light, so the LEDs don't produce a dazzling point of light like competing products. Instead, the illumination is even and natural, shadows are softened and glare is greatly reduced. The gentle illumination is free from flicker. Gem Hsin's patented energy-saving LED lamp cooling structure also prolongs LED life: Albite series LEDs have a rated lifetime of 30,000 hours, and all lamps are protected by with a manufacturers warranty of two years. Further reducing maintenance costs, the LED tube is easily replaced when required. Albite LED home lighting has both economic and environmental benefits for all.

Albite LED lamps produce a pleasant 4000K illumination with a color rendering index of 80. Light coverage is excellent, with a broad lighting angle of 100º. Lamps can be controlled with a touch sensor switch.

With very high demand anticipated for the Albite series, Gem Hsin is seeking to expand its international distribution network, and welcomes inquires from distributors worldwide.

Albite Series Key Features
*Pleasant, even illumination without dazzling highlights or glare
*Extra low power consumption
*Cut energy usage by up to 85% compared to tradtional lighting
*Only 2W/hour electricity usage
*Long 30,000 hour LED life, reduces maintenance costs
*Advanced thermal design prolongs LED life and reduces air conditioning costs
*Patented technology advantage
*Stylish design to suit all settings
*Choice of colors to match decor
*Touch sensor switch
*Two year warranty period

About Gem Hsin Electronics Co. Ltd.
Dedicated to advancing technology and saving energy, Gem Hsin Electronics is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of LED lamps and other creative modern products. Innovation is a top priority at Gem Hsin. The Gem Hsin range of products includes office lighting, 3C products, home lighting, LED lamps and bulbs. The company's 3C peripheral applications include the TOPAZ series of USB LED lighting products and the TOURMALINE USB battery pack. Gem Hsin is expanding its all-new Albite series of stylish home lights, to bring consumers yet another innovative home-lighting product. The company aims to upgrade electrical efficiency and light efficiency, increase product life-span, reduce waste, and is resolutely dedicated to improving every customers' quality of life. Gem Hsin's vision is for all to enjoy green living, improve efficiency and save energy. As a professional OEM/ODM supplier, Gem Hsin Electronics works to give its customers friendly LED lighting solutions of the highest value and quality. From optics, electronics, and physical structure, to stunning industrial design and packaging, Gem Hsin guarantees a full range of services to suit every customer.

Alvaro Bruch