WCCL Launches Add-On CD to Supplement 'Subliminal Power' Software

The new add-on CD to 'Subliminal Power' self-dev tool brings over 100 new programs (positive self-affirmations in different categories) & 8 hours of music to the user. - March 02, 2007

WCCL Releases 'Motivator' Software in the Free Public Domain

The "Motivator" is a powerful, yet free software that pops up positive-habit-forming messages at pre-set intervals on the computer screen. The messages act as reminders about some positive goal that you wish to move towards, and that you have configured the software for. - February 01, 2007

WCCL Launches Eight-Hour CD Add-on to Lucid Dreaming Kit Course

Lucid Dreaming is a powerful self-development tool enthusiasts use for not only fun, but also to confront complex psychological issues in the secure and reassuring setting of a dream. The new add-on CD makes it possible to dream lucidly as many as five times in a single mono-block of sleep. - January 26, 2007

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