WCCL Launches Eight-Hour CD Add-on to Lucid Dreaming Kit Course

Lucid Dreaming is a powerful self-development tool enthusiasts use for not only fun, but also to confront complex psychological issues in the secure and reassuring setting of a dream. The new add-on CD makes it possible to dream lucidly as many as five times in a single mono-block of sleep.

Durham, United Kingdom, January 26, 2007 --(PR.com)-- White Cliff Computing Ltd has announced the launch of an Eight-hour CD Add-on to its Lucid Dreaming Kit course that promises to increase the number of lucid dreams one has in a night of mono-block sleep. According to its inventors, the technology behind the CD estimates five REM periods in the eight hours of mono-block (monophasic) sleep, and by issuing audio "reality prompts" at just the right time, the chances of one becoming aware of one's dream, and beginning to control their flow and outcome, increase five-fold.

Lucid Dreaming, a perceptual phenomenon used as a self-development tool by enthusiasts around the world, is the state of one's consciousness during sleep, in which one becomes aware of, and even controls the content and direction of one's dream. It is a physiologically-verified phenomenon that normally occurs during the REM sleep phase. By becoming aware of and controlling dreams in this manner, the sleeper can address complex psychological problems of the self that often defy solution through other psychological devices such as Hypnotherapy.

The main component of the Lucid Dreaming Kit is a seven-day course in PDF-manual form, written by renowned self-dev expert Bradley Thompson. The new add-on CD is an extension of a seventy-two-minute CD that is already part of this kit.

According to Dr. Celia Green, author of the best-selling classic 'Lucid Dreams,' "...the most typical lucid dream provides a convincing imitation of physical reality ... it is easy to understand and learn lucid dreaming."

According to Mr. Thompson, "...the hyperreal world that lucid dreaming creates is one where the sleeper has full control over the landscape, including all the characters that inhabit it. By setting up the landscape the way one wishes to, deeply entrenched complexes and problems can be bubbled up into this hyperreality, and can be resolved to the sleeper's satisfaction. The sleeper's subconscious imbibes this satisfied feeling, and this can help the individual shed their baggage of complexes and move on in their real life."

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